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City Fines & Citations

Receiving a fine or a citation from the city might seem like a minor issue, but it is surprising how such fees can add up. In cities all across the State of California, including the Inland Empire, there are a wide variety of fines and citations one can be given due to not following an ordinance, regulation, or building code properly. When it comes to city fines and citations regarding real estate in the form of building code violations or not having the proper permit to construct a building, required fees and processes to correct the infraction can add up to enormous sums of money.

One might be faced with city fines and citations that involve penalties for violation of the following possible regulations: building code ordinances, neighborhood ordinances regarding noise control or waste collection, maintenance of an abandoned building, or lack of a license or building permit.

Those finding themselves in a legal predicament involving city fines and citations issued by a municipality in a local city can contact Merritt Law for advice on how to handle the situation.

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